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Our Story

Welcome to ACE!

2016-2017 will be ACE’s 9th school year! In that short time we have grown from one school to five and from 100 students to over 1000 and growing. Follow our story to see where we were in ’08 and where we are today.

ACE's history.

Before moving into the charter arena, ACE spent five years in East San Jose designing and launching some of the most successful schools in the city and county. Starting in 2003, ACE began work in the Alum Rock school district to launch small schools which enjoyed charter-like freedoms and flexibility, but were under the aegis of the district rather than independent charter schools. In 2004, ACE opened a group of three of such small schools in Alum Rock, serving over 850 students, in some of the lowest-performing neighborhoods in all of Santa Clara County. These schools have all been tremendously successful, especially the flagship LUCHA Elementary and Renaissance Academy middle school.
  • August 26, 20081st School Opens
    The first ACE charter school opened in the fall with 95 5th and 6th grade students, 4 teachers, 1 principal, 1 executive director and 1 office-manager/nurse/ counselor/all-around-savior.
  • Spring 20102nd Highest State Test Jump
    ACE saw a 127 point state test jump over the previous year. This improvement was the 2nd highest for any school in CA.
  • August 2012 1st High School Opens
    ACE begins serving 100 high school students with the opening of the ACE Charter High School.
  • August 2012ACE Empower Academy Opens
    ACE Empower Academy opens its newly constructed, permanent campus to 465 students.
  • 2012#2 in Algebra
    ACE becomes the #2 middle school in the state for algebra proficiency among comparable middle schools.
  • 2012#4 in Science: 2012
    ACE is the #4 middle school in the state when measured against comparable middle schools.
  • 2013ACE serving 620 students
    ACE enrollment for the 2013-14 school year is now at 620, more than 6x that of 2008.
  • 20135th for Latino Algebra Proficiency
    ACE was ranked 5th in Silicon Valley for ALL schools in Latino Algebra Proficiency, and #1 for schools serving high numbers of English Learners.
  • August 20143rd School Opens
    ACE Franklin McKinley Middle School starts with 150 students grades 5-7.
  • August 20144th School Opens
    ACE Creative Arts Academy opens its doors to 75 students grades 6&7.
  • August 2015
    ACE Inspire Academy starts with 100 students grades 5 and 6!