ACE Charter Schools | Grow. Everyone. Every Day.

Strategic Growth Plans

Grow. Everyone. Every Day.

For ACE Charter Schools, it isn't enough to be successful now. We need to continue to grow into the future. ACE’s philosophy "Grow. Everyone. Every Day" is a vision for our growth plan that is ingrained in every decision we make. This philosophy extends to our goals of opening more schools in the coming years. ACE is proud to have opened 4 schools in our network, but we aren't ready to stop there. ACE’s growth plan goals through 2018 will lead to the operation of 6 schools within 4 school districts with the next school opening being ACE San Jose Unified in August 2015.

Our next main initiative is to begin collaborative partnerships with school districts in order to reach more students. ACE has formed such a partnership with Franklin-McKinley School District that will allow ACE to impact other students within the broader urban education landscape. This appears to be the first time that a district and a charter school are actively collaborating to use a proven charter model to serve district students in the highest-need campus/neighborhood. Specifically, this partnership will include:

  • Joint outreach to targeted high-need students/families to ensure that students who would struggle in the traditional district school will come to ACE
  • Co-location, joint professional development and focused methods that capitalize on the successful ACE model and facilitate sharing of its best practices with the district and the existing district middle school

2,300 by 2017

When all of the existing and future ACE Charter Schools reach capacity by 2017, the ACE network will be serving more than 2,300 students in San Jose.