ACE Charter Schools | Grow. Everyone. Every Day.

The ACE Difference

ACE Charter School's Mission

ACE works with families and communities in the highest-need neighborhoods to create and sustain middle and high schools where students who have not been served well by the traditional school system grow to the point where they are ready, by the time they leave high school, to choose to attend and graduate from a four-year college or university.

Our motto "Grow. Everyone. Every Day." is our expression of our conviction that everyone—not only those who are statistically more likely to succeed—will grow to personal and academic college readiness. It also underscores our sense of urgency—growth must happen every day, all day in order for our students to be prepared to successfully graduate from a four-year college. There is no time to waste, and for the ACE target students, their previous experience in school has often largely been wasted time.