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ACE Culture of Optimism

Respect, Pride and Ganas.

The ACE school culture—based on schoolwide values of Respect, Pride, and Ganas—is the bedrock of all academic success at ACE.

We ensure this culture transfers throughout the organization, from our Board of Directors and Management Team to our students, staff and parents.

Our Students

The culture infects our students the most. We help students previously disinterested in school find excitement in learning. Our attendance rates are over 96% and we have had zero expulsions except for disciplinary reasons. Our students understand their learning plan and actively engage in it. Each student is asked to grow 1.5 years annually in each key academic area – and students know where they stand on reaching this goal at any point in time, and are accountable for and proud of their progress and accomplishments.

Our Parents & Families

Parents, who often come to ACE concerned (and even skeptical) about their children’s ability to improve, show their commitment through their deep involvement in the day-to-day work of maintaining school culture in a variety of roles ranging from hiring, supervision, giving campus tours, and sitting on the ACE Board of Directors.

Our Staff

ACE invests significant energy into the professional development, staff evaluation, and on-going campus audits necessary to sustain a culture of optimism around each member of the community.