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College Readiness

Creating College-Ready Confidence

ACE’s vision is that all children in low-income neighborhoods will have a pathway to college and life success.

ACE teachers and school leaders must capitalize on the hope sparked by our Culture of Optimism with an academic program that helps students move from hoping they will get to college to expecting that they will succeed there. This expectation is what we call College-Ready Confidence. Every moment of teaching and learning at ACE is directed at fostering College-Ready Confidence in our students and families.

College-Ready Confidence is also based on students having done intellectually risky, personally demanding work in high school, and knowing they will be able to capitalize on this experience when they meet similar challenges in college.

Confidence Catalysts

The high academic and personal expectations at ACE, as well as the work that goes into giving students the knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet those expectations, make everyone affiliated with ACE a Confidence Catalysts. ACE believes that our school culture and academic program inspires students and families to internalize and adopt these expectations as their own. Students become confident that they can succeed, especially in college, when they believe that their growth and success at ACE is an authentic sign that they are becoming ready for college. For this reason, their work at ACE must be not only challenging but specifically prepare them for the rigors and expectations of four-year college work.

One day,with college diplomas in hand, ACE graduates will become the most important Confidence Catalysts, inspiring others in their families and neighborhoods to follow them on the path to college success. It is their work, modeled after your own, that will finally make ACE’s vision a reality.