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Vu Long Trinh

Vu Long Trinh

Principal, ACE Empower Academy
"I was that student that was Far Below Basic."

I am a product of the Alum Rock community where I was once part of the achievement gap. I was that student that ACE serves, I was that student that was Far Below Basic.

It wasn’t until my high school years that a teacher noticed me and helped get me on track to attend college. Now that I think about it, I realize that I was lucky to be noticed and have made it to college.

There are too many students that are in the same boat that I found myself in as a child. We cannot leave it to fate for them to have an opportunity to have that one special teacher cross their path and help them get to college. That is why I decided to join ACE. I wanted to be a part of a team and a movement that is determined to ensure that our community and its children are motivated and informed about college. If we want to make some sort of systemic change in our communities, it starts with educating our children. At ACE, we are determined to do just that. We are determined to ensure that our students get a top of the line education, as well as help them become intrinsically motivated to show Ganas in every aspect of life inside and out of school. We are determined to ensure that our community and its people grow every day.



Current 9th grader
"I am grateful that my teachers at ACE took the extra time to help me succeed academically."

When I came to ACE, I didn’t know English. My reading level was around the 3rd grade level. I struggled to complete my work because I didn’t receive any work previously. The teachers at ACE noticed that I was struggling, so they focused on me 1:1 and helped me complete my work and pass my tests and quizzes. Now I am at a 12th grade reading level according to the NWEA assessment. I am grateful that my teachers at ACE took the extra time to help me succeed academically.

A few ways that this school has helped me are:

– It is a small school, which allowed for them(teachers and staff) to focus on me 1:1 and small group, that helped me not be scared to share my thoughts and answers. If it were a bigger school, I would be in a bigger group and scared to share my thoughts and it would have taken more time to understand the topics that the teachers gave me

– When I came to ACE, I was scared to speak up because of my bad English, but then a great friend of mine suggested that I join tours, so I started touring people around the school. That has helped me develop my speaking skills and to not be scared to speak up for myself. Also, I use to only speak in front of 10 people, but as the time passed, my self esteem rose and when I gave my testimony at a PACT event, there was about 500 people. At first, I thought that I was going to mess up, but like I said, the teachers helped me build my self esteem so it was easier for me to speak up. After the testimony, I saw the video, It was on YouTube. I checked it out and discovered that I had not made big mistakes and I felt proud of myself for accomplishing a big goal and being able to speak up and make the people that come to visit ACE feel welcome.

– I was struggling on my work and I forgot about the enrollment for Beta club, so a great teacher of mine took his time after school to help me complete my enrollment sheet and he helped me enroll. Because of his help, I was able to join Beta club*. The supervisors of Beta thought that my enrollment sheet was very good so I was able to enter Beta club because of the help of my teacher.

*Beta club is a leadership group of students that are doing well academically (3.0 GPA +) and are role models to the our young gorilla students. They organize school events, and do community service throughout the year.