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Our Approach

ACE Charter School's Proven Education Model

ACE Charter Schools utilize a proven education model to successfully reach academically underserved students in high-need communities and move them to a performance level where they are ready to pursue their newly-inspired college and career goals.

ACE is unique among charter schools in its region in that it targets and energetically recruits the lowest performing students in these high-need communities.

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Focus on Students in Low-income Areas

Entering students are 90+% low-income Latinos and more than 50% are English learners.

Target Struggling Students

ACE’s grade 5-8 middle school model targets struggling students who are at least two years behind in literacy and/or math skills as they enter 5th grade.

Strong Culture of High Expectation

The focused instructional approach and high-level family involvement are coupled with an extremely strong culture of high expectations for behavior and effort that permeates every aspect of the ACE model.

Unique Growth Model

ACE uses a growth model to engage and inspire students, highly differentiated instruction, the latest on-line learning technologies, student performance data to inform instruction and active family engagement.

Pathway to College

ACE launches and operates excellent schools to open up a pathway to college success for previously disengaged students and their families. Outside of ACE, only 2-5% of students complete college in the poorest neighborhoods of East San Jose.

Extended School Day

ACE schools utilize an extended 8:30‐4:30 pm school day with time for personalized instruction (that provide the equivalent of 40+ extra school days in the school year) to keep students focused and learning for longer periods of time to help them grow, and ultimately to catch up and excel.

Lowering Dropout Rates

Lowest performing students, ACE's focus, are most likely to drop out over time.

Online Learning Options

Use of on-line learning to give every child personalized learning opportunities.