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Record of Success

ACE's track record.

ACE has always enrolled students from the highest-need populations: over 95% low-income student of color, over 50% English Learner, and 12-15% Special Education students. What makes ACE special is not only the ability to draw these families in, but to keep them over the course of their middle (and eventually high) school career.

Exceptional Growth for Previously Low-Achieving Students

ACE outperforms the top 10 comparable schools in the state when it comes to growth. As the following charts illustrate, ACE students make exceptional progress from 6th to 8th grade, with students improving faster than at the highest-scoring comparable schools statewide.

ACE students are also outperforming their peers in the Silicon Valley as well. The previously lagging and disaffected students who have attended ACE’s flagship first school, ACE Empower Academy (5th-8th), which opened in 2008, have made very strong academic gains, leaving 8th grade ready to thrive at a college-preparatory high school. According to Innovate Public Schools’ December 2013 report, ACE ranked #1 in Algebra I proficiency among Silicon Valley middle schools that have a significant percentage of English Language Learners. Another Innovate Public School report ranked ACE #5 out of all of the middle schools in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties in Latino Algebra I proficiency.

2011-2013 Math Proficiency Rate
2011-2013 ELA Proficiency Rate
As the chart indicates, enrollment at ACE Empower Academy (the only ACE school currently at capacity) keeps growing in enrollment through 7th grade, and there is virtually no dropoff between 6th grade enrollment and 8th grade enrollment. This is in marked contrast to customary college-prep charter school practice.
ACE Empower Enrollment: 2009-2014

ACE by the Numbers

92% of parents: “My child gets what he/she needs to succeed.”

89% of parents: “My child looks forward to class.”

96% of students: “My teachers believe I can achieve great things.”

93% of students: “I plan to attend college.”

92% of teachers: “I am passionate about ACE’s mission.”

100% of teachers: “I am held accountable for the performance goals of my students.”

ACE ranked #5 out of all of the middle schools in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties in Latino Algebra I proficiency

ACE ranked #2 in Algebra I and #4 in Science proficiency in the entire state among comparable schools

ACE students also excelled on internal school metrics, outperforming the school’s ambitious reading goal of 1.5 years of annual growth by averaging 1.6 years of growth

ACE saw exponential growth for entire school in 6 Months (8/12-1/13)

  • 1.4 Years in Reading
  • 0.9 Years in Math
  • 1.0 Years in Science