ACE Documents

Ace Charter School 2023 Final Signed Report and Financial Statements

ACE EPA Expenditures 2022-23

ACE Financial Audit Report 2021-2022

ENG- 2023-2024 ACE Charter Schools Student and Family Handbook & Policy Manual

SPA- 2023-2024 Guía y manual de políticas para los alumnos y las familias

ACE Employee Handbook 2023-2024

ACE Safety Plan 

ACE Fiscal Policies & Procedures Manual

ACE Financial Audit Report 2020-2021  

EPA Spending Plan 2021-22

ACE Professional Boundaries

Non-Discrimination Statement

TITLE IX, Harassment, Intimidation, Discrimination & Bullying Policy & Form English  & Spanish 

Suicide Prevention,Postvention & Intervention Policy

Uniform Complaint Process

ACE Charter High School Mathematics Placement Policy

ACE Independent Study Policy

ACE Empower Academy

SY24-25 SELPA PLAN - ACE Empower

23-24 EPA Resolution - ACE Empower Academy

Charter Renewal Petition

ACE Empower ELOP Plan



ACE Esperanza Middle School (Formerly ACE Franklin-McKinley)

SY24-25 SELPA PLAN - ACE Esperanza

23-24 EPA Resolution - ACE Esperanza Middle School

Charter Renewal Petition

ACE Esperanza ELOP Plan



ACE Inspire Academy

SY24-25 SELPA PLAN - ACE Inspire

23-24 EPA Resolution - ACE Inspire Academy

Charter Renewal Petition

ACE Inspire ELOP Plan



ACE Charter High School

SY24-25 SELPA PLAN - ACE High School

23-24 EPA Resolution - ACE Charter High School

Charter Renewal Petition

2022 Expanded Learning Opportunities Program Plan

ACE Charter High School COVID-19 Operations Written Report



Board Bylaws

National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs

Wellness Policy and School Nutrition Program

Financial Documents

2019-2020 EPA Spending Plan

2020-2021 EPA Spending Plan

ACE Esperanza Academy (previously ACE Franklin-McKinley) Facility Construction Project