Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Below you will see how we live these values day in and day out.

All students have extraordinary potential.

Every single student, no matter how far they have fallen behind, has the potential to achieve college and life success.

How we live this value:

“This is serious, this is not a game, this is life-changing.”

- ACE Parent

Every student deserves to feel confident that they belong in school.

ACE creates a welcoming community focused on growth to help students, especially those who have been neglected, see they belong in school.

How we live this value:

“The teachers are like family.”

-Jose Urbino, ACE Student

Once a student independently realizes their potential, they are ready for life.

By learning optimism, self-confidence and ambition, students are poised to thrive in college and beyond.

How we live this value:

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