Families Fuel Our Mission: ACE Empower Parent – Guillermina Perez

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Why #IChooseCollege for my child…

My son Jose was inspired by a field trip he recently took at ACE Empower, and now he never stops talking about college. Since then it is an everyday conversation about how he needs to get ready, and how he is looking forward to one day being a college student.

I want Jose to go to college so he can have a good career, make good money, and most importantly, explore a career that is going to help him be successful in the long run.

Because of ACE, I know that he will be ready for college and have all the necessary tools when the time comes.


How is ACE different than your child’s previous schools?

Accessible teachers – here they explain everything in both English and Spanish. Whenever I have any concerns, they always have an answer. The staff go above and beyond in communicating with us to make sure we have the information we need, mailing flyers, sending text messages, and making phone calls.


How have you seen your child change because of ACE?

He has only been here for 4 weeks, but I have already seen growth in him since he’s been at ACE Empower. He is happy to be at school. And, he enjoys the after school program.

He has been more respectful at home and has learned to listen when people are talking to him.

Overall, he is more responsible and aware of everything that he is supposed to be doing, asking the necessary questions in order for him to excel.


What would you tell another parent thinking about enrolling their child at ACE Empower?

I would tell them to try it out. The staff here are very capable and have knowledge of everything that we should know. They offer a lot of programs that are going to help the student be academically prepared, in addition to extracurricular activities after school. There are also opportunities for us to get involved and become volunteers as parents.


*This profile is translated from a conversation in Spanish.

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